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The Kangfude Window Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 in Xiamen China. Our company¡¯s services include design production, sales and installation of both windows and doors. We have advanced window, door and insulated glass production lines designed and imported from Germany & Italy.

Kangfude Windows was the first company to manufacture European-style wood windows and doors in South China and has full range of products which include: European style solid wood windows and doors, aluminum clad wood windows and doors, aluminum windows, doors and curtain walls, wood-aluminum composite windows and doors, Germany VEKA high-grade PVC windows and doors, solarium/sun room insulated glass, aluminum railings and other accessories.

The company technology

In 2003 the Kangfude Windows passed ISO 9001: 2000 standard quality management system certifications. In 2009 our windows passed Intertek¡¯s (an internationally recognized testing facility) stringent performance and dynamic load tests which certify our products internationally and has allowed us to earn both "CE" & "CSA" certifications. Subsequently, Intertek has been supervising the design and quality of our products on an ongoing basis to ensure that our windows and doors maintain these high quality standards.

At Kangfude Windows we believe in the principles of integrity and professional excellence. We strive to be industry leaders in all aspects of window and door design and construction. Our windows and doors are built with state of the art design systems and digital equipment to produce technologically advanced, energy-saving, elegant and luxurious windows and doors.


Kangfude Windows places great importance on technological innovation and new product development. We actively participate in various major domestic and international trade shows and closely follow up on the latest world trends related to windows and doors. At the same time we boldly employ a skilled, market oriented team of highly qualified professionals that introduce advanced technology and innovation to our products to ensure we meet the requirements of both the construction industry and the desires of our customers.

Kangfude Windows has established sales Agent in North America and Australia as well as an extensive domestic sales network throughout China. At Kangfude Windows we strive to bring excellence to our customers with the highest quality products and great service.



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